Smart tips for Anal sex in India

4 Smart Tips Before You Agree to Anal Sex

Anal Sex Tips for Indian Couple: People are talking a lot about anal sex in Kolkata. But does everyone know about it? Well, it’s always a good idea to say yes to sex. When you are back home and ready to dim the lights, a sense of keenness creeps into your body, and you go horny. So far, so good! But when you have anal sex in mind, things ought to take a different route.

The Inside Story

Sex through the vagina and that through anal are different, and every couple needs to understand this. Surprisingly, there is much to learn about this sexual act and not just go for it. Of course, you need a partner for this. But what is more crucial is a sound mindset that keeps the action smooth and safe.

Although there are plenty of tips to keep in mind for anal sex, the following four are the most notable ones. Let’s check out:

Get Lube, More and More

Let’s draw a comparison with a missionary to understand this point. During missionary, the vaginal secretes enough to keep the area slimy for penetration. But this is not the case with the anus. Here you have to depend on lube. The more you apply the lube, the better and safer it is. You can always go for the Classic Silicone Body Glide lube. The anus can get the most rigid friction during sex. So, lubing is a must when it comes to this sexual act.

Keep a running conversation

Don’t just shut your eyes and go on pushing. Remember, the taker needs to be at ease, while the giver has to be considerate yet in pleasure. So, it’s a both-way thing where coordination is necessary. It’s, therefore, better to initiate a conversation. Not a dirty one always, but one can utter unusual terms like ‘goal’ or maybe ‘basket’. This would keep the act going well.

Give a slow start

Slow and steady wins the sex. Remember this phrase, and go slow. When you are going anal, you need not get wild as you act in a 69 or missionary. Just lube up well and push slowly. If your partner feels pain, don’t push more but don’t surrender also. Keep the position and try once again. The slower you are, the better the experience.

Get an anal dildo

Using a dildo is fun, and you have to trust it. However, it is always essential to talk with your partner. If one of you is new to it, things might look unpleasant. But the moment you take up an anal dildo, there will surely be more safety. The Ribbed Fat Anal Dildo has a narrow opening, the users won’t be hurt. It is going to be an incredible experiment in bed.

Last Words

Love knows no reason, no season. Our online sex toys store is here to make you believe that love exists in all forms. So, let’s give love a new dimension and discover happiness.

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